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BEB Data: Providing You With The Most Accurate Bankruptcy Data

When it comes to accuracy and up to date information on bankruptcy data, BEB Data is the leader in the market and brings to you the most accurate, reliable and up to date information from our very own bankruptcy database. Here at BEB Data, we are a group of highly skilled and trained individuals who occupy a skill set of great caliber and experience that guarantees to bring you the services you are looking for in the most professional manner you can think of. All our services are waiting to be availed by you. And for you, the process is just as easy as creating your very own account at BEB Data.

BEB Database

If you’re looking for the most accurate and reliable bankruptcy data, you have to look no further as BEB Data is the place to be. With our very own bankruptcy database, we are here for our customers to avail our services. Here at BEB Data, our bankruptcy database, as of right now, holds more than 20 million bankruptcy records. And this number seems to be growing each and every day. It may be noted here 20 million is a huge number and having to maintain a bankruptcy database with such a high number of records is as hard of a job on its own. But rest assured, as our team of highly skilled individuals know how to get things done and promise to deliver a maximum uptime and a minimum downtime for our bankruptcy database. BEB Data holds the bankruptcy database with all the relevant information you need whether it be filing dates, dismissals, discharges or any other relevant information as required by our customers. And how do we approve of this data as being the most accurate bankruptcy data available? Not only is all the data in our bankruptcy database standardized, but also CASS certified and DPV coded. And that is not all. As BEB Data gathers all the information, USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) is performed before having this data inserted into our bankruptcy database. Surely, this is a long process. But all of this has been made possible by BEB Data, just so you can get your hands on the most accurate and reliable bankruptcy data there is. We have said this before, and we will say it again. Rest assured as we are more than just talk. By hiring us, you are hiring a group of individuals who specialize in delivering you with the most reliable bankruptcy data available.

BEB Data Accounts Are Available 24 Hours

If you have not already signed up for your very own account at BEB Data, it is never too late to begin doing so right now. Our accounts are available 24/7 round the clock. And our system is as simple and easy to use as it can get. Sign up for your very own account and avail the finest services offered by BEB Data.

Finding the Right Bankruptcy Data with BEBdata

BEB Data: Leader Of The Market

Ever since the day BEB Data came into existence, we had only one objective in our minds. Our single goal was to bring the service that no one else could deliver with the experience and expertise that no one else yet possessed so that we see the day when we may become the leader of the market and, while doing so, build the trust with our customers so that each step we take is a step forward, never having to look or go back. With that being said, we can be at ease when we say that BEB Data has been leading this market with well over 40 years on experience on our hands. So if you’re someone who is looking to hire the best in the business when it comes to bankruptcy data compilation and expertise, BEB Data is the place to be. With hiring us as the organization to provide you the latest and up to date bankruptcy data, rest assured that you have placed the responsibility in the hands of people that know their job and know how to get it done in the most professional way possible.

BEB Data Provides You With The Most Accurate Bankruptcy Data

Here at BEB Data, we possess the latest material of bankruptcy list compilation and bankruptcy. By signing up for your very own account with us, we make sure that you get what you ask for i.e. the most up to date, reliable and accurate bankruptcy data that is available in the market. It may be noted that reliability should be of much concern when data of such caliber is the topic at hand. One should not leave room for even the slightest of a mistake. It may not be the case, but a simple error may just even cost you a lot of dollars. And trust us when we say this that it is not a good sight. Here at BEB Data, bankruptcy data is gathered on a daily basis from different courthouses placed nationwide. A lot of care and hard work goes into this process, just so we can get the most accurate information for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority, and that is something BEB Data will never compromise upon. So, if you’re someone who is looking for bankruptcy data, we are here to provide you with all the relevant information you need including filling dates, dismissals, discharges and much more.

Become A Part Of BEB Data Today

BEB Data is a group of individuals who are highly skilled and experience in what we do and bring a skill set of expertise to the table like non other. All our services are waiting to be availed by you to make your life easier. So why wait when you can register yourselves at BEB data today to get the most accurate bankruptcy data available.

Finding Bankruptcy Records with BEBdata

BEB Data

BEB Data had its parent branch found in the year 1949, and since then has been the leading organization when it comes to having the best services and expertise in bankruptcy records compilation having its very own bankruptcy database with genuine and up to date, reliable bankruptcy records. Currently situated in the Mid-Town / Museum District of Houston, TX, BEB Data has its very own corporate offices established along with 15,000 square ft. of operations facility. With signing up for our services here at BEB Data, rest assured that you are in the safest hands of some of the well-known experts that are willing to provide some of the finest services when it comes to the bankruptcy records.

BEB Data & Our Expertise In Bankruptcy Records

Are you someone who is looking for or, in fact, in need to have the latest and up to date bankruptcy records? You have to look no further as you have come to the right place. Here at BEB Data, we have people that not only know how to get the job done, but get it done professionally without leaving the room for an error or mistake. One might ask that how can we be so sure about our services. Well, it is always the case that factual data tends to stand out more against just a paragraph filled information that is literally someone just bragging about how good they are in the services they provide. Let us be in the one to fill you in on the fact that, here at BEB Data, our database as of today holds over 20 million bankruptcy records and these numbers only seem to get higher each and every day as we speak. Here at BEB Data, us being a team of highly skilled professionals with experience and expertise in data compilation of bankruptcy records highly contributes to the fact that these 20 million bankruptcy records stored in our database are highly accurate, reliable and up to date to be used by anyone who is, in fact, looking to receive the most accurate and latest bankruptcy records available out there.

Why The Wait? Sign Up Now At BEB Data!

With all that being said, there is not really much left for you to do. As an organization that is aiming to continue to lead the market, it is our objective to bring ease to our customers. Therefore, we strive to make this process as easy for our customers as just having to fill out a sign up form to have your very own account created at BEB Data. Let us know what you need and leave the hard part of it all to us. We, here at BEB Data, promise to deliver you with the latest, up to date, accurate and reliable bankruptcy records.

Bankruptcy Filings Forecast

Bankruptcy Filings Forecast

What is Bankruptcy Forecast?

Bankruptcy forecast or a prediction is an art that involves the prediction of bankruptcy and various measures of financial distress which public firms may be expected to face in the near future. This complex data analysis involves vast research of finance and accounting.

One of the most popular models for bankruptcy prediction was published by Edward I Altman in 1968 and was known as the Z-score formula for predicting bankruptcy. The Z-score formula uses balance sheet values as well as multiple corporate incomes to get a picture of the financial health of any company and thus helps in predicting the probability of a firm filing bankruptcy within two years.

What affects Bankruptcy?

Fitch’s rating report projects 2016 bankruptcy filings to reduce by 6 – 8% from levels which were observed in 2015. Recession and other negative income shocks and various economic and institutional factors have contributed to the rise in bankruptcy filings. The level of filings is hence, driven by many elements including unemployment, housing environment, consumer indebtedness and interest rate to name a few. This overall decline in the filing of bankruptcy statistics can be supported by the sustained growth of jobs and low jobless claims.

Bankruptcy Filing Statistics

Accountants and economists have been making bankruptcy forecasts for decades. In the United States, personal bankruptcy filings as per the bankruptcy records have had a dynamic history. During the first half of the 20th century, bankruptcy filings averaged 0.15 per 1000 people. Its average annual growth rate subsequently was 2.4 percent. The growth rate of bankruptcies increased during the 1960s, and since 1980, the growth has increased dramatically growing at an average rate of 7.7 percent per year till 2004.  Since then the filing rate has been 5.3 per 1000 people.

BEBData is a 40 year old veteran leader in the field of bankruptcy data compilation and a bankruptcy database of over 20 million records. Our accurate and up-to-date bankruptcy list allows us access to information regarding filing dates, discharges and dismissals. With our years of expertise and support, our clients can identify highly responsive bankruptcy leads to help them grow.

Historical Bankruptcy Filings in the United States

Bankruptcy cases, in the United States, are filed in the United States Bankruptcy Courts with federal law governing procedures in these cases. The bankruptcy lists and the bankruptcy statistics are maintained by the courts and are available for public viewing.

A look at the biggest Chapter 11 filings in the history of the United States

Here are the top five bankruptcies in the history of the country.

  • Lehman Brothers Holdings, the highly reputed Wall Street investment firm, was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in September 2008. This was the largest corporate filing in the history of the bankruptcy court as a result of which the company had to sell its North American investment banking and trading businesses as well as its New York City headquarters to the British bank, Barclays.
  • In 2008, mortgage crisis as well as the recession forced Washington Mutual to file for bankruptcy. This led to a drop in the company’s stock which had assets worth nearly $328 billion at that time. Amidst fears of insolvency, nearly $16.7 billion was withdrawn by its customers, leading to it filing for bankruptcy protection.
  • WorldCom, was once the second largest long-distance telecom in the United States. In 2002, it had to file for bankruptcy after it was caught in the middle of an accounting fraud scandal to the tune of $11 billion.
  • General Motors Company, the automotive giant, which had assets worth about $90 billion, had to file for bankruptcy in 2009. The reputed car manufacturing company managed to jump back on its feet only after a bailout agreement with the US government.
  • CIT, the New-York based financial institution, had to file for bankruptcy in 2009 after getting hit by the credit crisis. It had assets worth $80 billion dollar before it went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by the US government with Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds.

BEBdata, experts in the field of bankruptcy data collection, are the most trusted and reputed company for accurate and up-to-date bankruptcy records of companies and individuals spread across the length and breadth of the United States. We have at our disposal over 20 million bankruptcy records in our bankruptcy database and are in the best position to provide you highly reliable bankruptcy leads. With data gathered from courthouses nationwide on a daily basis, we ensure accurate bankruptcy data for our clients.

United States Bankruptcies – Bankruptcy Data Source

United States Bankruptcies – Bankruptcy Data Source

Cases of bankruptcy are not new here in the United States. Many companies and organizations have faced bankruptcy in the country from time to time. Innumerable court cases have run regarding the cases. While some companies have been able to recover from the stage of bankruptcy and returned to normal business, some companies are lost into oblivion due to bankruptcy. All bankruptcy records need to be stored properly so that the data can be utilized later for some purpose or the other. What is new is the amount of data now available at hand on bankruptcy filings, and applicant companies.

Understanding trend of bankruptcy in United States

Studying bankruptcy leads help in understanding the trends of bankruptcy in United States quite clearly. For instance, from 1980-2016 United States bankruptcies averaged at 47014.02 companies. It was in the fourth quarter of 1987 that bankruptcy in companies reached all time high of 82446 companies in the United States. The reasons behind the bankruptcies are varied. While some seem really authentic, some declared the organization to be bankrupt to save their backs.

The need of an effective database for bankruptcy cases

Having a bankruptcy database is very important as it will contain all the details and data of the organizations or companies that have filed for bankruptcy. All kinds of bankruptcy data will be there in the database from the name of the company, the filing dates of bankruptcy, discharges report, dismissal reports, Chapter 13 case, and Chapter 7 case and so on. Other than these facts, other relevant information regarding the bankruptcy case is also found in the database. If anyone wants to find true and reliable bankruptcy statistics, it is always recommended to look for a good database that enlists bankruptcy cases efficiently.

Finding an authentic database for bankruptcy cases United States

BEB Data is an organization that creates bankruptcy list compilation and database of companies that faced bankruptcy in United States. The company has a database of 20 million such cases and has all the data regarding the case organized in a very systematic manner. Any data regarding bankruptcy cases in the United States are available with the organization.

How To Find Bankruptcy Records

Why are Bankruptcy Details Required?

There may be many reasons why anyone would be interested in finding out if an individual or a business firm has filed bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lists and records help a person to make financial decisions of potential business partners, businesses, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, and individuals seeking loan.

How To Find Bankruptcy Records – Searching for Bankruptcy Records

Bankruptcy hearings are processed in Federal Courts and the case records are accessible by the public. Some of the ways to access the records are:

Bankruptcy Voice Case Information Systems (VCIS)

Getting bankruptcy statistics from case records can be simple but time consuming,  gathering all the information necessary may become a tedious task. For any information on bankruptcy cases, one can to call the automated VCIS number of the bankruptcy court and run a search by either social security number, complete name or case number. The automated system reads out the information about the required case. The VCIS is available 24-hours a day. To gather many records it may be simpler to use a Bankrupcty List.


One can also get a PACER account. The Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is the electronic access of the Federal Judiciary’s centralized registration, technical and billing support to the US District, Bankruptcy and Appellate court records. The user can either view or print the case documents online.

Case Information in Person

The divisional office of each bankruptcy court has public access terminals which allow the public to view bankruptcy records.

Certified Copies of Bankruptcy documents

Certified copies of bankruptcy case records can be obtained either in person or by mail from the divisional office where the bankruptcy case was filed. In order to do so, the user needs to have the bankruptcy case number and also the docket number of the document which is to be certified.

BEBData, has core competency in bankruptcy data compilation. Our bankruptcy database, which holds over 20 million bankruptcy records, has accurate and up-to-date bankruptcy records collected daily from courthouses nationwide for effective utilization of the records for various intelligence purposes. So one no longer has to figure out how to find bankruptcy records, BEBData has years of experience compiling bankruptcy data. Our expertise and reliable data allows for highly responsive bankruptcy leads. The required specialization and knowledge in bankruptcy data compilation has made us the trusted partners of individuals and a wide range of industries including automobiles and financial marketing firms.

Where Can You Find the Most Accurate Bankruptcy Data

Where Can You Find the Most Accurate Bankruptcy Data

Bankruptcy is usually initiated by the debtor and imposed by a bankruptcy court order. It serves to inform creditors of financial restructuring to avoid total loss for creditors. Filing bankruptcy helps these people to make a fresh start either by liquidating their assets to repay debts or by the creation of a new repayment plan.

The bankruptcy records, which are maintained, are also available for the public. These records give you accurate financial history about any person that you are interested. The information is also easy to obtain and easy to access.

There are many ways in which you can obtain the bankruptcy statistics of a bankruptcy case:

Case Information in Person

Bankruptcy records are available for public viewing in every Bankruptcy Court divisional office with the help of the public access terminals.

Case information through Phone

You can also avail information about any case through the court’s toll free automated Voice Case Information System (VCIS) which is available 24 hours a day. You will need the case number, complete name or a social security number to get details about the case.

Online Case Information

The electronic public access service, Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), gives access about the case and docket information to any user with internet connections and a PACER account. You can print copies of the record that you want, download it or search information related to your case. A fee will be charged for each page that you access and view. To use the PACER services you need to register yourself first at its website

Archived Case Information

Cases which have been closed for a year or more are transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). In case you require any case information or copies of documents from the bankruptcy list, you will need the Transfer Number, Box Number and Location Number. These details will have to be obtained from the office of the clerk where the bankruptcy case had been filed. Archived case information can be obtained in person, over phone or by writing to the Records Department where the case was filed.

With over 20 million bankruptcy records in our Bankruptcy database, BEBData, the leaders in bankruptcy data compilation, have the expertise to offer you a range of information on various cases from filing dates, discharges and dismissals to bankruptcy leads.

Businesses Trust BEBData for their Bankruptcy Database

Businesses Trust BEBData for their United States Bankruptcy Database

Bankruptcy happens to be amongst the most undesired business occurrences. Take a look at the most dependable bankruptcy databases, and you will come across numerous business establishments and individual debtors declaring bankruptcy. While it leaves an adverse impact on an organization’s creditworthiness, the declaration of bankruptcy makes things somewhat better for harried creditors or banks.

However, they will require keeping a note of such bankruptcy cases and have all the crucial details about them. With scores of bankruptcy declarations throughout the US, it becomes quite painstaking to keep track of the complete bankruptcy database.

And it’s here that a trustworthy bankruptcy database leader will extend the most useful support. By providing clients with accurate, precise, and valuable bankruptcy data, the database vendor can help them get full value for their dollar with their helpful services.

How to look for the best bankruptcy data leader?

Building associations with the leading data leader will ensure ample benefits. But, you will get to realize and reap these benefits only after associating with the leading companies. Some of the essential tips for choosing the most efficient service providers include:

  1. Precision: Precise data will be all that buyers need. And the renowned leaders will be capable of offering precise data and comprehensive bankruptcy database.
  2. Accuracy: Looking for data accuracy will be the first thing to do while choosing the most efficient bankruptcy data leaders. The best-in-class service providers will offer nothing other than highly accurate and targeted data.
  3. Authenticity: Checking data originality or authenticity will be another crucial step to perform. However, you can give it a miss, if your association lies with the most efficient bankruptcy data sellers. The information provided by them is obtained right from courthouses across the nation. Therefore, there are zero chances of fraudulency or improper information.

Why place reliance on BEB Data?

With a database comprising of nearly 20 million bankruptcy cases and records, BEB Data is undoubtedly the most efficient and experienced bankruptcy data leaders in the United States. All data offered by us have CASS certifications and are also standardized. And we also provide accurate information on discharges, filings, and dismissals.

Get in touch with us at BEB Data, and get access to the complete database of US bankruptcy cases updated to the most recent ones as well.

Choosing a Reliable Bankruptcy Database

The case of bankruptcy is usually initiated by the debtor and then imposed via a court order. Hundreds of companies are declared bankrupt every year, not being able to repay the debts that they take from various creditors. A bankruptcy list is maintained by each country meticulously recording every detail of the case. With the help of the available bankruptcy records and a bankruptcy database, it is possible to understand the cause of bankruptcy. Also if the organization recovers from this status, it can always refer back to the data and check what went wrong.

Choosing a reliable database for bankruptcy information

Bankruptcy data is confidential and companies who have faced bankruptcy might not want the data to become public. However, there are companies who excel in creating a bankruptcy database. Millions of data regarding bankruptcy are compiled in the database. Minute details like case number, chapter of bankruptcy, dismissal or discharge, bankruptcy filing date and final status of the case is mentioned in the database. Ensure that the database you are using for gathering information contains accurate and proper bankruptcy leads so that there is no compliance issue. While creating the database, the data should be collected from local courthouses via authentic sources so that right information is obtained. The database should be made available to people on round the clock basis. Not only this, it should be easily navigable so that everyone can use the same with equal ease.

A bankruptcy database you can trust

Though there are many databases that enlist bankruptcy cases, BEB Data excels in the same. The bankruptcy statistics offered by us are updated and highly accurate. Our database has more than 20 million bankruptcy records and each record is compiled in the most scientific manner. Therefore when you are searching for a particular bankruptcy case, you will have no problem whatsoever. From case number to bankruptcy filing date, from bankruptcy chapter to final status, everything is there in the database in the most organized way. All the data in the database are DPV coded, CASS certified and standardized. – Free listing allows buyers and sellers to quickly locate or advertise products and services to and from other businesses.