Auto File

image of car with auto file platesWe partner with the nation’s most robust data companies for our automotive leads lists. The databases hold over 150 million records of car, truck & SUV owners throughout the United States, many with phone numbers.

Great for targeting vehicle owners that need service work, warranties, or need to upgrade to newer vehicles. Our lists are accurate and have a large select group to chose from such as Make, Model & Year to name only a few.

Below are some common uses of our Auto File :CAR-RED SPORTS WITH MONEY FLYING - Bankruptcy Leads BEBdata

  • Service Center Promotions
  • Car Dealership Promotions
  • Magazines
  • Gasoline Credit Cars
  • Insurance Offers
  • Auto Accessories

Buy your next auto file from BEBdata. We specialize in bankruptcy data, bankruptcy leads, and more. We are data experts and can help you to identify, communicate and engage your prospects to become customers. Call us today.