BEB Leadership and Bankruptcy List Experts

BEBdata is proud to introduce the leaders at the Business Extension Bureau at our Houston HQ. Meet our President, Executive Vice President, & Vice President / Bankruptcy List Expert .

Ron Royall-President

Ron Royall - President at BEB HoustonAfter joining the company in 1991, Ron assumed the role of President of BEB in 2007. He took the reins from his Dad, Bob Royall, and lead this 65-year old company through the recent recession while growing revenue by 15%. Under his leadership, BEB has expanded service offerings to include wide-format and digital print, launched BEBdata (one of the largest bankruptcy compilers in the U.S.) and created a strategy of growth. A graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Ron has served for six years on the board and as President of the Southwest Chapter of the Association of Marketing Service Providers. He is also active with The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which is dedicated to benefiting youth and supporting education.

Ro Royall-Executive Vice President

Ro Royall - Executive Vice President at BEB HoustonA Graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Advertising; I started my career working for TRW Information services which was later acquired by Experian.   My family has owned and operated Business Extension Bureau (BEB) of Texas since 1949, a multi-channel marketing production operation and our parent company.   I joined the family business in 1995 and learned the business from the ground floor. My marketing experience includes direct mail, printing (digital, offset and wideformat) and web based communications coupled with my understanding of data helped to give me the vision of BEBdata.

Ann Frank-Vice President

Ann Frank - Vice President & Bankruptcy List ExpertWouldn’t you say most people in the “list” industry learn the industry and then learn the lists they sell? Ok, well I was the complete opposite! In 1994 I found myself starting a new sales job at a company called Finance & Commerce (F&C), which was a local public record newspaper. Without making this story long, boring and drawn out…lets just say, that was the start of learning a lot about Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Judgments and so on. The owner of F&C purchased a company called Banko (aka PRR) in 1998, which was one of the largest compilers of Bankruptcy Data in the US. Next we acquired Hogan Information Services and lastly, ClickData. Since most of the companies we acquired focused on the “credit & collection” side of the business. I was given the opportunity to develop the “list or marketing” side of the company. So there you have it…are you asleep yet? The story ends like this…in 2002 I was offered a great opportunity at Business Extension Bureau and have been here ever since!