BK Data – Online BK Suppression Tool

BK Data Online Supression ToolBEB Data is proud to offer quick, easy and cost effective online BK Data Hygiene tools!

For only $50/M on matches/$50 minimum order, our Basic BK Suppression-Level 1 allows you to identify and eliminate unwanted records, making your campaigns more cost efficient and effective.

BEB Data’s online count system is available 24/7 and at your finger tips. You can upload files (up 150,000 records) and flag unwanted names within minutes!

This powerful suppression tool allows you to weed out poor prospects by flagging your database that will allow you to remove unwanted targets.

This tool is easy and available 24/7. With just a few easy steps, we’ll match your file against our Bankruptcy database that has data going back to 2002. The process takes only minutes! You’ll receive your file back with an appended data field that will indicate/flag the presence of a Bankruptcy.

For your convenience, we have two ways match:

  • Match by Last Name and Address
  • Match by First Name, Last Name and Address

We also offer BK Suppression – Level 2. This equally expeditious tools allow the marketer to dive in deeper with additional suppression filters. For only $15/M on Matches ONLY and No Minimum Order.


For clients that need in depth BK information, BEBdata offers our BK APPEND SERVICE. Contact us at 800-598-1980 and we be happy to custom build an output with the additional information you need.