Google Store Visit Conversion Reporting

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is now reporting Store Visits as a new Conversion Metric for a small group of US dealers.

A store visit is defined as someone who has physically been in a dealership after clicking on a paid search ad or being shown a viewable impression of a display ad within the past 30 days. An ad impression is considered viewable when at least 50% of the ad is on screen for at least one (1) second. Currently about 300 dealerships are able to track Store Visits. The quantity of dealers is expected to increase over time. In approximately 12 months, about half of all dealers in the U.S. are expected to be tracking Store Visits.

Store Visit data is based on anonymous, aggregated statistics. Google Ads creates a count of visitors by using current and past data on the number of people who click or view your ads and later visit the dealership. Visit data can’t be tied to individual ad clicks, viewable impressions or people. Industry best practices are used to ensure the privacy of individual users. Google states that they are accurate >99% of the time.

To be able to measure store visit conversions you need the following:

• Receive thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions.
• Have a Google My Business account linked to your Google Ads account.
• Create each of your store locations in your Google My Business account.
• Have at least 90% of your linked locations verified in Google My Business.
• Ensure location extensions are active in your account.
• Have sufficient store visits data on the backend to attribute to ad click or viewable impressions traffic and pass our user privacy thresholds.

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