Bankruptcy Records for Businesses

Bankruptcy proceedings are carried out in designated bankruptcy courts here in the US. The courts maintain these bankruptcy records online and is available to the public.

Value addition made by accessing bankruptcy records

There are various reasons which may lead you to investigate a person’s bankruptcy records.

  • He is your potential business partner and you want to be sure about his financial background.
  • If you are a stakeholder in his business.
  • The person in question has approached you for a loan.
  • You are interested in helping the person or company that has filed for bankruptcy proceedings.

Where Can Public Bankruptcy Records Be Found?

  • Case Files in Paper: Till 1999, bankruptcy records were maintained in paper format. The bankruptcy list can be accessed from the court where the particular case was filed.
  • Electronic Case Files: Since 1999, most of the case files have been maintained electronically in bankruptcy databases. These can be accessed through the internet-based service known as Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). One needs an account after which the service will allow you to search for bankruptcy court cases and the records.
  • Telephonic Court Records: The Voice Case Information System is a telephone system available in all the bankruptcy courts. This free system allows interested callers to obtain bankruptcy statistics of a person or a business 24 hours a day.
  • Older Court Records: Older case files and court records are transferred and preserved in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) from where they can be accessed directly.

BEBdata brings in a blend of accurate record keeping and dedicated focus on updating the records on a timely basis. The almost half a decade experience has helped us to gather a voluminous bankruptcy database that has helped professionals across multiple industries, law firms, insurance agencies, banks, financial institutions, to name a few. The bankruptcy list available at BEBdata in Houston has provided immense value to companies operating in these industries.

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