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Chapter 7 Discharges Decrease by 21%

Chapter 7 discharges decreased by 21% in June 2013 when compared to the same four-week period of 2012.  California lead the way with a four digit decrease with 14,826 discharges in 2012 compared to 10,651 last month.  Louisiana saw the fewest decreases with less than 10.
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CHAP 7 DISCH COMPARISON JUL 10Please note:  Our data is based on one per household and has been cleansed to postal specifications.

Chapter 7 Discharges Down YTD

Year to date Chapter 7 Discharges* are down 19.6% in 2013 compared to the same time frame in 2012.  The largest drop based on percentage took place in Alaska, with 42.5% decrease.  Still, the largest number of Chapter 7 Discharges are found in California.  Though down 28% from last year, 50,284 were processed so far this year (through May) compared to the second highest activity in Florida with 23,675 discharges.
CHAP 7 YTD MAY 12-12*(January – May)

Note:  Our data is based on one per household and has been cleaned to postal specifications.

Non-Exempt Exempt IRAs

Pension Jar

Bob Lawless blogged on Credit Slips about Non-exempt Exempt IRAs earlier this week.  Highlights include:

  • Some chapter 7 trustees have found a problem that could affect thousands of IRAs.
  • The Bankruptcy Code clearly exempts IRAs but only does so if the IRA qualifies for a tax-favored treatment.
  • Some chapter 7 trustees have challenged IRAs on the theory that the possibility of a lien could arise means an IRA is not tax favored.
  • Its is the technicality of all technicalities to say an IRA is not exempt because of the possibility that a lien could arise.

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