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Financial Reform Reportcard from USA Today

REPORT CARDWith two A’s, one C, a D, and an F; the editorial board of USA Today isn’t giving Financial report the best grades.  Check out this excerpt below or click here to read the report in its entirety.

When the credit bubble burst in 2008 and the world almost fell into another Great Depression, the public’s anger could be distilled into two demands: that the people responsible for the calamity should be brought to justice, and that the government should act to ensure that nothing like it happened again.

The first demand was never met. Although prosecutors have obtained large civil judgments against major banks — most recently a tentative $17 billion settlement with Bank of America — no top official at a major financial institution has been convinced of a crime. It can be hard to prove an intent to commit fraud with people who deceived themselves as thoroughly as they deceived others.