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Personal BK in a Post-ACA World

The U.S. Supreme Court just put its stamp of approval on the Obama administration’s health-care reform, and a Boston law professor thinks he knows what will happen next.

In his 2014 study, Northeastern University law professor Daniel Austin dug into personal bankruptcy filings to figure out what happened after Massachusetts lawmakers made health insurance mandatory in 2005.

His findings? Massachusetts residents who file for bankruptcy protection these days have way less medical debt compared to the rest of the country. The typical Massachusetts person or couple who filed in 2013 had $3,041 in medical debt, while people everywhere else had an average of $8,594 in medical debt.  Read More

Europe Needs a Bankruptcy Union

The Wall Street Journal featured an article from Simon Nixon entitled “What Europe Really Needs is a Bankruptcy Union”.  The article goes on to say that few measures would transform the investment landscape of Southern Europe as much as a European version of the US Chapter 11.  Read the article in its entirety by clicking here.