You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (e-mail)

Our corporate is the marketing arm of Business Extension Bureau – BEB.  They recently studied results reviewing our marketing via e-mail and found some interesting facts.  Over the past 9 months we generated 11 e-mail blasts and during that period of time, our bounce rate has been reduced by a staggering 63.1%!  Silverpops, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact report the average open rate is around 19% while our stats show we earn an average of 36.7%!
Corporate also studied data of the time of day an e-mail blast was sent and compared the number of opens received.  The results are inconclusive but fascinating none-the-less and begs the question, “Does the time of day that you send an e-mail matter?”
What do you think?
does the time of day you send an email matter


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