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2020 Auto Trends – Download upgrades to your car

Automakers must invest in upgrades to the digital platforms within new cars. Earlier this year, BMW introduced a wireless service for some of its models. Just like regular software updates, the new service keeps the operating system up-to-date with the latest version.

This new service includes an intelligent personal assistant that can be expanded automatically and OTA (Over The Air).

Some other manufacturers also offer wireless OTA software updates that include Tesla, Audi, Volvo, and Ford. Most have updates that are focused on non-critical infotainment features or offed new applications and functions for the infotainment system.


2020 Auto Trends – Automation

Self-Driving Systems are categorized by five-levels:

Level 1- Driver Assistance: Under specific conditions, the car controls either the steering or the vehicle speed, but not both simultaneously. The driver performs all other aspects of driving and has full responsibility for monitoring the road and taking over if the assistance system fails to act appropriately. Cruise control is Level 1

Level 2- Partial Automation: The car can steer, accelerate, and brake only in certain circumstances. Maneuvers such as responding to traffic signals or changing lanes largely fall to the driver, as well as scanning for hazards.

Level 3- Conditional Automation: The car is able to manage most aspects of driving, including monitoring the environment. The system prompts the driver to intervene when it encounters a scenario it can’t navigate. The driver must be available to take over at any time.

Level 4-High Automation: The vehicle can operate without human input or oversight but only under select conditions defined by factors such as road type or geographic area. In a shared car restricted to a defined area, there may not be any. But in a privately owned Level 4 car, the driver might manage all driving duties on surface streets then become a passenger as the car enters a highway.

Level 5- Full Automation: The vehicle can operate on any road and in any conditions a human driver could negotiate.