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New Model Gives Indie Dealers Greater Leverage

One of the biggest problems independent auto dealers have is getting financing to run their credit operations. Now, a Milwaukee-area entrepreneur with a long auto sales pedigree has come up with a way to help dealers raise more money, and lower their financing costs while allowing a new group of investors to get into the auto finance business.

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Decreased Ch 7 Filings Trend Slowing

2014-03-05 BLOG

Chapter 7 Filings increased slightly (1.4%) in February compared to January 2014.  The number of Chapter 7 filings from February 2013 showed a significant decrease of over 11,000 (-18.2%) from February filings the year before.  February 2014 numbers show the downward trend slowing as some 46,000 filings were processed last month compared to the 50,000 processed in February of 2013 representing a reduction of only 6.8%.



PLEASE NOTE: Our data is based on one per household, minus multiple filers and has been cleansed to postal specifications.